Sketch movie review: Chiyaan Vikram is back in routine cinema and it is meaningless

Sketch movie review: Chiyaan Vikram is back in routine cinema and it is meaningless
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Considering his limitations as an character Chiyaan still tries to dabble into roles and films which are somewhat unique or difficult by nature. Sketch is an out and out masala entertainer straight out of the 80’s and unabashedly. Vikram is doing literally everything a Tamilian hero does in a film to get the whistles and leaving his own international brand of cinema. Vikram is tremendously beloved by his fans but he is disappointing his own filmography. Sketch is so ordinary in it’s making that it is hard to believe if anyone was awake while shooting.

Even after doing films of different genre, vikram clearly has not lost his touch of a B and C center hero but does he really needs it. He should see the trailer of his own unreleased film Dhruv Natchitram and realise that he is one of the very few actors who are capable of bringing about a changed voice of storytelling in Tamil cinema. Understandably so, Vikram needs to up his audience pan – India because he has signed a mega 300 crore film in Hindi titled Mahavir Karna, and his face on the poster really needs to be saleable but as a matter of fact he is doing the exact opposite.

Vikram’s stardom will stay afloat down south but a film like Sketch is not the healthiest way to improve a filmography which can afford one of the biggest films in the history of Indian cinema. The audience of mass centers will really appreciate this film by dancing in the theaters and it is catharsis but that same amalgamation of feelings could be achieved while telling the story, which Aamir Khan does. Someone like Vikram has unstoppable enigma and screen presence which should be utilised in the form of a character instead of dumbing down the narrative of the film. Overall Sketch is strictly for fans.

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