Sivalinga Kanchana Returns movie review: A thrilling crime horror

Sivalinga Kanchana Returns movie review: A thrilling crime horror

Sivalinga Kanchana Returns review: This Friday will see the release of the Hindi dubbed version of the movie Sivalinga Kanchana Returns that was earlier released as a bilingual in the Tamil and Kannada language. The film stars award winning choreographer Raghavendra Lawrence in the titular role. The rest of the star cast comprises of Ritika Singh as the female lead and Vadivelu, Shakthi Vasudevan, Pradeep Rawat, Bhanupriya and Zakir Hussain in pivotal roles. The film has been written and directed by P.Vasu of Chandramukhi and Drishya fame with Manish Shah producing the film.

The plot of the film revolves around the murder of Raheem (Shakti Vasudevan) on a moving train. He is a well-liked cook, who has a race winning pigeon. The case is shut by the police arriving at the conclusion that it was a suicide. This case is then reopened by a CID officer Shiva (Lawrence) after the cook’s fiancee smells foul play. The story takes a turn when Shiva figures out that his wife is possessed by Raheem the cook’s ghost and his pigeon, who was a witness to his killing, guides Shiva’s wife to the clues. The onus now lies on Shiva to save his wife and investigate who the murderers are.

Raghavendra Lawrence does full justice to his role as a cop and is a mass appealing actor. His comic portions and reactions to the horror sequences take the cake. Both the actresses do a commendable job with the parts given to them, especially Ritika Singh as the possessed wife. Shakti Vasudevan, though in a short role, makes his presence felt.

The film is entertaining on the whole though it misses logical explanations in a ton of the ghost sequences. P.Vasu the director manages to keep the thrill and suspense alive throughout the film. Watch the film without questioning the logic too much, if you want to have a good time. Catch Sivalinga kanchana returns in a theatre near you from August 4.

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