Singer Papon accused of sexually molesting minor girl, compliant filed

Singer Papon accused of sexually molesting minor girl, compliant filed

Singer Papon has been accused of sexually molesting a minor girl, during the celebration of Holi festival with contestants of Voice of India Kids, a talent show where he is a judge. A video of the incident was uploaded on Facebook, in which Papon is seen playing Holi, applying the gulaal on the face of one of the female contestants and then kissing her. The video shows him grabbing her face and kissing her cheek. Runa Bhayan, the lawyer has filed the compliant with the Supreme court, and said that he had watched the clip on facebook and was extremely concerned about his behavior. He also asked about the safety of minor girls who have to work in reality shows like this.

A compliant under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act has also been filed. There have been reports that Papon’s Lawyer has come forward and said that the video is misleading and that his client had no intention to assault the girl. He also said that the father of the girl has asked the media to not drag the issue.

However, the complaint says that the girl was obviously uncomfortable about the kiss. The news has taken the internet by surprise, as Papon is a relatively likable performer with no record of misbehavior before, people are calling him out as the video has also been released on twitter and asking why he felt the need to kiss the girl.


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