‘Simran’ new song ‘Meet’ sung by Arijit Singh is out now and it is old school melody

‘Simran’ new song ‘Meet’ sung by Arijit Singh is out now and it is old school melody

Makers of Simran have released a new song Meet, which is sung beautifully by Arijit Singh. Meet is actually a little unusual because a male singer over female protagonist describing her state of mind is quite new. Song talks about simplicity of a relation in a very direct way and it is almost savvy to the dance numbers out there. Video of the song is even more interesting as it opens the layers of Simran’s character. We see her dwelling into self diligence after being rejected and than pursuing her chased dilemma for acceptance of love. Each and every aspect of her character trait gets very incredible because there is a brown girl in America with white people and brown people problems.

She wants to run away from the hypocrisy of Indian culture and actually submerge into the American only to be able to explore the life by itself. Anything which chains or restricts her freedom is being sabotaged by her to reach the zenith she does not even know exists. She does not seem to be against any culture or activity but to have an option in life is everything, making mistakes is more important than success.

She just wants the right to make her own mistakes on a foreign land and everything about her is very endearing. The most interesting part of the film will be to see what has led her to be this rebel with a cause. Starring Kangna Ranaut in the titular role, Simran will release on 15 September, 2017.

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