Simran movie trailer review : Kangna Ranaut delivers the performance of a lifetime

Simran movie trailer review : Kangna Ranaut delivers the performance of a lifetime
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Simran is an upcoming comedy drama film staring Kangna Ranaut in the titular role. Directed by highly acclaimed Hansal Mehta, Simran is a story of a girl who is a little troubled in her life and is trying to find herself through aloofness. Story of the film is set in Atlanta USA, where Simran is living with her parents as she is divorced and now she wants to settle in a new house. This film is not a plot driven story but rather character driven, the story of the film does not a typical dramatic arc with first, second and third act.

Scrambling through nitty and gritty things of life with very regular issues, Simran tries to find her way into the longer abyss of life. As we see in the trailer that she started meeting a brown man in America in whom she is not at all interested but in her own crazy way she hits on an American man in Las Vegas. Simran is dealing with certain taboos with her parents as they want her to move out of the house after divorce as she might invite boyfriends over. Self consciousness is the death of acting and there is no way one could say that this is Kangna Ranaut of this or that film.

Simran is really one of its kind film in Hindi cinema as it does not fall into any genre or formula. Ranaut seems to have really lived this character and she just became Simran instead of playing it. There could not have been a better director than Mehta to direct a film which deals with subtle nuances of human behaviour. Film is more about what lies inside Simran than what she is dealing with externally. Trailer is a montage of Ranaut’s coming of age story of a young single brown woman in America. Film will release on 15th September 2017

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