MTV Roadies Rising winner : Shweta Mehta Wins Thrilling Final

MTV Roadies Rising winner : Shweta Mehta Wins Thrilling Final

Shweta Mehta, a body builder and engineer working in the IT sector, has won the MTV Roadies Rising title. The girl from Fatehbad, Haryana, was selected for the show afterbeing rejected in three previous attempts. She was in Neha Dhupia’s gang, although to ask her Neha was only a close call from Rannvijay Singha – she chose Neha because she thought she would get more opportunities with her. Shweta admitted that her physical strength – she once lifted mentor Harbhajan Singh right off the floor- helped her in the semi final task and that she did not actually showcase it to the fullest as the Roadies program was made for the jack of all trades and not for a person with a specific talent. When asked if she would do daily soaps or stick to sports based reality TV like Roadies, Shweta admitted that she would rather not do daily soaps as it would be impossible to stay as fit then.

The show was mentored and judged by Nikhil Chinnappa, Neha Dhupia, Rannvijay Singha and Prince Narula, and in a thrilling finale that involved a trecherous game of wrestling in the mud, it was Shweta from Neha’s team Vs Meenal from Nikhil’s team and Shweta cracked the task open with sheer focus and dedication. Shweta has once competed as a Bikini Fitness Athlete and represented India in the Asian Championship, and winning the Roadies marked a wonderful turnaround for her, after auditioning for the X1 and not making it through.

Shweta, speaking to the media, expressed her joy at winning the title and also spoke of how the fact there is nothing in the world that a girl can not do. She spoke glowingly of Neha Dhupia and her mentorship, having promised the actress the title if she let her own stylist do the finalist’s hair, and it seems both of them kept their promises this Friday.

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