Shree Devi’s body not released by Dubai police due to investigation, phone records being checked!

Shree Devi’s body not released by Dubai police due to investigation, phone records being checked!

In the latest turn of events in Shree devi’s death case, postmortem department has stated that the cause of death is accidental drowning and cardiac arrest has been totally ruled out of the possibility. Shree devi died in Dubai hotel on the night of 24 February and the cause of death was said to be cardiac arrest but now the table has turned and the death could be because she was under the influence of alcohol. Alcohol has been found in her body certainly but it is not sure that if the amount is enough for person to not have any consciousness.

Every person has a different capacity of dealing with alcohol where it is possible that someone could in fact drown in a bathtub under the influence of alcohol it is dependent on person over how much he\she is use to alcohol. Police department of Dubai is currently checking her phone records prior to her accident so that they can rule out any possibility whatsoever that death might not be an accident. Since accidental drowning is completely in the scenario and cardiac arrest is out, more layers will be peeled slowly.

Family in Mumbai is waiting for her mortal remains to be transported tot he city from Dubai but it might take a little time as police is currently not releasing the mortal remains of her and she is still kept there for further investigation. According to the reports her body will be transferred late in the night to Mumbai and last rites are expected to happen tomorrow. Earlier it was said that her dead body will be in Mumbai by Sunday evening which means performing of last rites on Monday itself but there will be a day’s delay to it. Apparently police questioned Boney Kapoor for over 3 hours regarding any information he could provide that would be useful in the case.

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