Shocking! Sridevi didn’t die because of heart attack

Shocking! Sridevi didn’t die because of heart attack

Sridevi died because of accidental drowning, after suffering from hear attack, as the the forensics reports have indicated. Traces of alcohol have been found in Sridevi’s blood. There had been speculations at first that she had suffered a heart attack and it was the reason of her demise. But, now as the reports suggest, Sridevi, who had drunk alcohol, fell into the bathtub, which was filled with water, but because she was under its influence, couldn’t fight back to the surface. It is also being said that Sridevi didn’t suffer a heart attack. The death has been classified as an accident, and there doesn’t seem to be any other cause attached to it.

It is indeed tragic that Sridevi died in such circumstances, and there was nobody’s fault in the situation. Sridevi was one of the greatest Indian actress’ of all time, and the first female superstar of the nation. Her loss is a major loss to the culture of India, and her legacy should be celebrated. The whole nation has been mourning her, and even the worldwide media has acknowledged her death.

There have been other speculations about Sridevi’s death, and more questions are going to be asked about the situation during the night of the incident. But, another thing that has been suspicious, is the different versions of the whereabouts of Sridevi’s husband Boney Kapoor. As some have said that he was with Sridevi in the hotel that night, while others have said that the staff opened the door of the bathroom to find her. Sridevi’s funeral was scheduled for today, but as it has taken so much time for the forensics, it could be delayed for tomorrow.

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