Shilpa Shinde tweets a MMS video to defend her name out of it

Shilpa Shinde tweets a MMS video to defend her name out of it

Bigg Boss winner Shilpa Shinde shares a MMS video on twitter claiming that it is the original one and not hers. A porn MMS video was creating rounds of internet claiming that it has Shilpe Shinde in it but now she shared the video which apparently has some Kashmiri girl with her boyfriend in physical activities. The video is clearly a MMS as girl does not seem to be aware that she is being shot with any sort of camera. As a human being Shilpa wanted to defend her name out of an explicit video which has nothing to do with her but a grave mistake by sharing this video.

A lot of people follow Shilpa on twitter especially after Bigg Boss and her sharing of these MMS porn video would now reflect very badly on the life of that girl who is the actual victim. Now, incredible number of people would be watching this video which must have been the whole point of uploading it on a porn site. Shilpa did not realize the course of her action as a person and particularly as a lady to share the sheer victimization of an innocent person on twitter.

Did she really have to share the actual video in order to take her name out. She could have simply used words on twitter characters to mention that there is a MMS video out there claiming to be hers but she obviously has nothing to do with it. She laid a very important stone in the life of the girl who is actually in the video by no mistake of hers. These allegations happen on actresses all the time as their name is dragged into a pron video so that people click on the link all that often but they need to report to cyber cell about it instead of sharing that video on twitter.

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