Shilpa Shinde talks about winning Bigg Boss 11, won’t meet Hina Khan again

Shilpa Shinde talks about winning Bigg Boss 11, won’t meet Hina Khan again

Shilpa Shinde was the winner of the Bigg Boss season 11, and now, as she is out of the house, she has begun to give interviews about her journey in the house. She was asked about her opinion on the contestants, if Hina knew how to make food and why was she so overconfident about winning the show. Shilpa has said that she knew that Hina could cook food because she had done the task about making a meal for her boyfriend in the house very well. On why she was so overconfident about winning the show, Shilpa replied that, when she won the singing task with so many votes even though she didn’t know how to sing well, it gave her the confidence in her fans.

She said that Hina was the most insecure person in the house, and even though Hina had said previously that they would go to a positive Holiday together, Shilpa simply declined and told the reporters that would never meet her again outside of the house.

She also answered if she would work with Vikas again, and said that there were plans to make a web series or something similar with him, and that they would make an official announcement soon.  She also said that she has no plans of working in Television again, and would like to do a big Bollywood movie.

Shilpa’s answers were drastically different than Hina’s, who said that she would just say sorry to everyone outside the house and begin again. Shilpa, however, doesn’t seem interested in continuing her relationships outside the house, and was very dismissive of Hina in her interviews. She has been one of the most popular contestant on the season 11 and had accumulated a lot of fan following because of her behavior in the house.

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