Shikari movie review: A total entertainment

Shikari movie review: A total entertainment

Shikari, directed by Viju Mane and starring Prasad Oak, Mrunmayee Deshpande, Bhau kadam, Bharat Ganeshpure, Vaibhav Mangle, Kashmera shah, Savita Malpekar, among others, is a total entertainment for the audiences. It is that raunchy, naughty movie that most people don’t get right, because they don’t know how to put interesting narrative in place and can’t direct properly, coming up with something that resembles soft porn. Shikari, how ever double meaning and strange in its jokes about sex, is never just that, as it has enough beauty and star performances, that makes it stand a little higher than other vulgar products that are made in the film industry.

The plot for the movie is narrative heavy, which is good, because as the running time suggests, it could have gotten irritating to see so many quirky characters talk about sex and other stuff without getting down to business. The performances are all very good, and appropriate, never going too far out from what given to seem like desperate to steal the show. The story needs that everyone works in sync and because the cast knows it, the results are more than satisfying if you’re looking for nothing other than light and fun movie.

Vijuu Mane has made a movie which also looks visually appealing, with the help of the cinematographer, he makes sure to take from the setting as much as he can, giving us a perfectly entertaining and beautiful movie.

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