Shankar and Neha starrer ‘Vairii’ teaser out to freckle the funny bones

Shankar and Neha starrer ‘Vairii’ teaser out to freckle the funny bones

Vairii’s teaser is release to much anticipation as fans are finally hoping for a good clean comedy in Tamil cinema that could actually be enjoyed with your family and it all might just be true. Film is about the life of Vairapandi who goes by the alias of Vairii in the village and his entire atmosphere is a comedy of errors surrounded by various incidents that are able to shine a light upon his situation where in he most finds himself completely helpless and from that the actual character central comedy emerges.

More than one entire, it will also be showing the story of a village with many characters like the old Priyadarshan films which were complete laugh riots to the bones without being double meaning or demeaning. Plot f the film has intriguing and crucial point of the marriage of Vairii who clearly does not want it to happen with the intensity radiated by the rest of the village about the event. There are several important characters in the film highlighting the narrative on their own shoulders but they all are somehow or the other related directly to Shankar’s Vairii who is in the middle of all the chaos.

Film is directed by Vijay Tesingu who is known to be able to improvise dead scenes and make them into comedy laugh riots with his very specific actors that participate in the procedure and take it through because of their sheer talent. Shankar seems very in character with only one but extremely funny look of his and his presence almost makes sure that there will be a bit of action in the film perhaps in the last act. Neha is playing a very important role in the film though as an ensemble star cast while the film is being edited by Nathi.

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