Shahrukh to wrap ‘Zero’ and start ‘Salute’ by May?

Shahrukh to wrap ‘Zero’ and start ‘Salute’ by May?

Apparently, superstar Shahrukh Khan will wrap the principal photography of his film ‘Zero’ by the end of April and will start the preparations for his Rakesh Sharma biopic from May. Shooting of the biopic might start from September only to release sometime in 2019. Rakesh Sharma was the first Indian astronaut to go out in space and a biopic on him was long overdue as Aamir Khan was suppose to start the film after ‘Dangal’ but backed out somewhere in the process for reasons that are not official yet but apparently he is focusing entirely on his multiple-parts Mahabharata film.

If the sources are to believed than Aamir Khan took the film to Shahrukh and asked him to do it because the film has a lot of potential and it deserves to be made and since he could not do it despite of wanting to he chose his superstar friend. Shahrukh has played a scientist of NASA in his film Swades but never an astronaut as no Hindi film so far has gone out in space. Zero will hit the theaters on 21 December but that requires immense post production work in every frame where Shahrukh is which is why the production is being wrapped so early.

Tamil film ‘Tik Tik Tik’ is the first Indian space film to be released in sometime while a Hindi film by the name of ‘Chanda Mama Door Ke’ is in production with Madhavan and Sushant Singh Rajput which will perhaps be the second in the line depends on the release timing of it and ‘Salute’. Makers of Salute have not given any official confirmation on the project so far but speculations in the media from the sources seems to real to not believe. Rest of the star cast is being finalized for ‘Salute’ and makers might announce something official in a short while.

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