Shahrukh Khan arrives at Shree devi’s funeral

Shahrukh Khan arrives at Shree devi’s funeral
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Shree devi’s last rites are being performed in Mumbai with a barrage of few thousand people to pay their respects to her. Shree devi has fan following around the globe and every part of this country as her filmography is very distinctive. Many film stars from different industries in the country came to the funeral and shared the moment of grief with the family and superstar Shahrukh Khan has also arrived at the place. Khan with his wife Gauri went to Anil Kapoor’s house yesterday to meet the family when her body has not arrived in Mumbai from Dubai.

There are not many people like Shahrukh who came to both the place as film stars day is usually a worth lot more than seconds of humane behavior. Shahrukh arrived here alone to pay his respect to a fellow cinema legend with whom he was worked in the past. Several people came from the industry to the funeral but fans who only knew her from the other side of the screen came in thousands number and would not even get to see her because they are obviously not allowed inside the gates.

In 1997, she left films and came back in 2012 only to do 3 films that were moderate successes and people are mostly forgotten in this time zone but her stardom is beyond all common notions and which is why fans have gathered in immense number on the road so much so that police had to do a lockdown. Shree devi is receiving state honor and there is a police band out there at the place to do the procedure. In the wide history of Indian cinema Shree devi was the first pan-India female superstar who dominate the industry till the time she was working more so than her male counterparts, which is a position not achieved by anyone since than.

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