Shahid Kapoor to play Arjun Reddy in Hindi remake

Shahid Kapoor to play Arjun Reddy in Hindi remake

Speculations have now been put to an end as Shahid Kapoor is signed to portray the titular role of ‘Arjun Reddy’ in the Hindi remake of Telugu cult. Original was released in 2017 and the character was played by Vijay Deverakonda to it’s extreme best as he owned the performance to it’s minutest detail. It was a break out role for Vijay as his fan following rushed to millions around the world immediately and the cult of Arjun Reddy is there to live on. Vijay inherited the character and surrendered completely to his personality which was rather destructive hence not easy to dwell in.

Since Vijay has done such a brilliant job with the role, it will be very difficult for Shahid to jump in though he is a phenomenal performer himself. Shahid is a little too old for this role as the story starts from college but his on screen age can be manipulated due to his boyish look. It is the role of a broken lover who converts into an alcoholic and drug addict but simultaneously is a reliable surgeon as well till a day comes in his life when he looses everything.

Reddy is one of the most personal film ever made in Indian cinema and it sketches the character arc of this guy to hell and back. Shahid may play an alcoholic better or worse than Vijay but Vijay pretty much owns the definition to a man called Arjun Reddy. IMDB came and interviewed Vijay because the cult of this film was growing too fast and favorable reviews were falling in from all over the world. Shahid has not done a young love story for a while now and this film could give him back the image that made him a star in the first place.

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