Shah Rukh Khan’s Ted Talks India to premiere on Star Plus on 10th December

Shah Rukh Khan’s Ted Talks India to premiere on Star Plus on 10th December

Shah Rukh Khan’s Ted Talks- India, Nayi Soch is going to premiere on Star Plus, on 10th December and at 7 PM every Sunday. The promo released from the show, involves Shah Rukh Khan, who tells children to watch the show so that their parents will be proud of them and tell everyone that their children watch an awesome show which teaches them about a wide variety of subjects. Ted Talks are short, but powerful speeches given by people who have gained success and popularity in their lives, and want to talk about their experiences, their struggles and what they have learned from their work.

Shah Rukh himself, gave a Ted Talk in May this year, in Vancouver, Canada, which was very popular among his fans and even people who didn’t know him. In it, he talked about his life, and particularly about the fame that he has achieved for so long by people around the world.

Ted Talks, India Nayi Soch will involve many people who are renowned in India and over the world, who will talk about variety of things, from Media, Science to Journalism and Politics.

The first episode of the show will have, predictably, Shahrukh’s dear friend Karan Johar as the speaker. This isn’t the only show that Shahrukh will be hosting, however, there is also another talk show with some of his most famous leading ladies, Deepika Padukone and Madhuri Dixit. The show is titled Lux Golden Divas in which Shahrukh will have a half hour talk with the actress’ about their lives, and careers and how their experiences have shaped the person they are now. The talk between Deepika and Shahrukh has already been uploaded on YouTube and both of their fans can watch the two laugh and cry with each other for splendid twenty minutes.

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