Shabana Azmi calls for boycott of Goa Film Festival in support of Padmavati

Shabana Azmi calls for boycott of Goa Film Festival in support of Padmavati

Outraged by the controversy regarding Padmavati, the movie directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, and starring Deepika Padukone, veteran actress Shabana Azmi has asked the film industry to boycott the Goa film fest in the support of the movie. Shabana Azmi has been angered by the CBFC’s behaviour regarding the issue of certificate of Padmavati, and the accusations that the movie distorts the Rajput history. In a series of tweets, she also asked Smirti Irani why there hasn’t been any actions taken place against the agressors who have targeted the movie and Deepika Padukone. She said that the film industry creates to much attention and acclaim for the film fest, and should boycott because no one is helping to lessen the controversy.

Other members from the Bollywood industry have also spoken out about the silence of major political parties on the issue, and why no one is putting a stop to the havoc created by the fringe group Karni Sena.

What was once a quite opposition has now developed in an angry protest, even though none of the protesters have watched anything other than the trailer and the songs released from the movie.

Shabana Azmi is the only major actress to have come up with some kind of action to the controversy and it remains to be seen if the people are going to follow her really boycott the festival.



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