Shaadi Mein Zaoor Aana: A romantic tale goes wrong in a good way

Shaadi Mein Zaoor Aana: A romantic tale goes wrong in a good way
Written by Abhishek Rana

Shaadi Mein Zaroor Ana begins like a sweety, emotional romantic tale of two people in love. RajKumar Rao plays Satyendra aka Sattu, an innocent and decent man, who falls in love with Aarti Shukla, played with verve and emotions by Kriti Kharbanda, after their arranged meeting. But the twist in the movie is that Aarti leaves Sattu on the wedding night. After five years, Sattu has become an IAS officer and is tasked to start an investigation on Aarti who is a PCS officer now. This looks like a standard serial drama plot, but the story is deeper than that, and very finely acted by the cast.

RajKumar Rao, who has become one of the best actors in the India movie industry, gives another terrific performance which is soft and innocent at first, but then turns steely and and composed later in the movie. The supporting cast is also very exceptional, with Manoj Pahwa, Govind Namdev and others, who make the most of what they’re given.

The movie is somewhat tonally confused, as you can see that Sattu is going to become a villain, but there are twists that make the realism of the story seem fake and doesn’t carry as much emotional weight as it should.

However, you should definitely watch the movie because it has great acting and moments that ring true to life.

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