Sema movie review: Getting married to the crap brand of cinema

Sema movie review: Getting married to the crap brand of cinema

‘Sema’ could not have been more routine of a film in terms of really everything. Makers did not even bother to make an effort in this film as everyone perhaps just slept walk their way through a check allotted by the producer. Not even one frame of the film is trying to communicate anything but boredom to zenith. Makers of this one should be thankful that India is a democratic country and people are allowed to express their thoughts unless they are being offensive but this film would certainly offend any person with limited amount of time on this planet.

Life won’t be given twice but some people wasted some of it watching this and the heart goes out for makers who actually spent a lot of their precious entities while preparing this piece of audio-visual footage. Some people live in a complete nutshell and don’t bog their expectations down. They should really go out and see the kind of content being produced in the world. One day of Netflix subscription would take their breathes away because they clearly have no idea of anything other than their mediocre heads which are intellectually not capable of creating anything.

Alexander killed thousands of people in order to co0nquer the earth and that was a dark event in the history but this is not any less. If a young impressionable child watches this film than he/she would never value this beautiful art form called cinema and how is this not a sin. Film making is a tricky thing and one may not always get it right but the yearn to achieve some sort of artistic serenity should be seen in the works rather one notices an intense closed eye pattern of working. Overall no one should be this dis-concerned with life to watch this film.

Sema movie review: Getting married to the crap brand of cinema

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