Secret Superstar upcoming movie of Aamir Khan based on girl child empowerment

Secret Superstar upcoming movie of Aamir Khan based on girl child empowerment

Secret Superstar upcoming movie of Aamir Khan whose last film Dangal has been a stupendous hit. Dangal was the story revolves around 2 girls growing up together to become formidable wrestlers, says his latest movie Secret Superstar is a musical drama and is another film on the girl child empowerment. The actor was present at the trailer launch of the film here on Wednesday. Aamir, a father of three, feels the Indian film industry must make more films for children.

The film talks about a teenager who wants to become a famous singer. “Both ‘Dangal’ and this film are based on the same topic. That we look differently at our daughters. And probably we aren’t able to give the same treatment to our daughters as our sons. So, Secret Superstar is another movie based on empowerment of the girl child,” Aamir said here when asked about the message that Secret Superstar carries for the society. He also stated later that “We should make more films for children. This film Secret Superstar is for youngsters, but isn’t restricted to an age group. This is a family film and has a wider scope. When our kids were younger, we used to show them foreign animated films which are only for kids. We don’t make enough films for kids in India,” Aamir said.

After portraying the character of Mahavir Singh Phogat in “Dangal”, Aamir will be seen in a very unusual avatar in “Secret Superstar”. He says he and his wife Kiran Rao were both very apprehensive about him taking up the role he plays. “When I heard the story for the first time, I loved it a lot. But Advait Chandan asked me to play Shakti Kumar’s character. I told him I couldn’t see myself in that role. Kiran also didn’t want me to do this role. So, I decided to go through the screen test process. Then while doing the screen test, I had fun and this was a very unusual character, completely opposite of me. So it proved to be a challenge for me as an actor to make the audience believe in the character.” Kiran, who has co-producer the film, also spoke about not wanting Aamir to play the role. “I told him not to do this role as I he won’t be able to do it. It’s kind of a creepy character. He is a kind of guy who you really don’t want to hang out with alone in a room. So I told him, ‘Please don’t do this role as it will be very weird to do such a character after a film like ‘Dangal. But when we went through the screen test, we laughed so much that we were convinced he can do this role too. But he wasn’t the original fit.”

When asked about the 100 % success rate of his films on the box office and his secret for it, Aamir said: “We just make films we believe in. I am just very fortunate with the films that we have made, the writers and directors that we work with and the talented people that come to us with the films that they want to make. Somehow it all works out well in the end. I don’t know if it’s anything else to it other than the fact that we believe in what we make and we work with people who are very talented.” Secret Superstar also features Zaira Wasim along with Meher Vij. The film will be releasing in October 2017.

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