Secret Superstar song Sexy Baliye featuring Aamir Khan and Mika Singh

Secret Superstar song Sexy Baliye featuring Aamir Khan and Mika Singh
Written by Abhishek Rana

Secret Superstar is the most anticipated movie of this month and it has been riding high waves of hype as the release date nears, and people get a good look of Aamir Khan’s character in the movie Shakti Kumar, who helps a little girl, Insyia in achieving her dream of becoming a singer. And now, the movie has just released a new, pop song that features Aarmir khan in his avatar and the song is sung by singer Mika Singh. The music video also seems to introduced the character of Shakti Kumar who srems like a vulgar, and wholly unique person and Aamir Khan’s delivery makes it very believable.

The music video starts as Shakti Kumar introduces himself, and tells the audience that this is his first music video of the song that has been released now, and then proceeds to sing before the camera and dance, it is very hilarious. The video ends with Shakti Kumar asking the audience if they liked the song and then telling them to change their tastes if they didn’t.

Secret Superstar is scheduled to be released on 19th October and is being hyped by Aamir Khan as being even bigger in scope than his Blockbuster hit, Dangal.


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