Secret Superstar is breaking box office in China each passing day

Secret Superstar is breaking box office in China each passing day
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Aamir Khan starrer Secret Superstar has hit about 10 bulls eye in China with earth shattering numbers on box office. On 27 January, in it’s second week Secret Superstar managed to gather 376.09 crore in mere 9 days in China. For Indian market this number is almost unreachable even for a mega film like Baahubali. Secret Superstar’s lifetime business in India was 68.05 crores despite of getting a release on auspicious Diwali weekend as it was up against a roaring success called Golmaal Again. To bank $59.14 million in 9 days is no funny business as the film seems to be immensely praised by the Chinese audience.

Aamir Khan is clearly one of the biggest star in the world right now but he is unparalleled in China. His previous release Dangal banked 1300 crores and became the biggest blockbuster in the history of Indian cinema as far as overseas collections are involved. Aamir’s 2009 blockbuster 3 Idiots was actually the film which opened Hindi film’s market in China and later PK did phenomenal business in there. Aamir is only in supporting role in Secret Superstar but still the film’s collections are up and steady and the reason for which could only be the artistic content of the film.

Aamir has become a household name in Chinese market which is why people show up in the first place for his films and than his cinema is extraordinary. By 28 January, Secret Superstar will certainly cross 400 crore mark in China and will be regarded as one of the biggest hits in the history of Hindi cinema. Return of investment on this film is uncanny as it was made and released on the humble budget of 30 crores and the total business is somewhere around 500 crore as of yet and it will only grow for next 7 days at least. Zaira Wasim, who is a 17 year old has made her incredible mark in Hindi cinema already.

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