Secret Superstar, Aamir Khan thinks Shahrukh Khan is a great storyteller

Secret Superstar, Aamir Khan thinks Shahrukh Khan is a great storyteller

Aamir Khan’s movie, the highly anticipated Secret Superstar has been slowly garnering praise from the industry member. It is the story of a girl, Insiya, who wants to be a singer and the man who helps her achieve her dream. Aamir Khan has already told that the movie is female led and that he hopes that the movie will pave the way for more women-oriented movies in Bollywood. The movie’s trailer has been very well recieved and the hope is that the movie is going to be as big as Aamir’s previous moive, Dangal, which broke almost every Box Office record.

Now, Aamir khan has praised another superstar Khan, Shahrukh. He added that he likes the way Shahrukh narrates the story and is able to lose himself in the story which enables the audience to relate to his character’s in then movies and how he chooses to portray his charachter is also very admirable.

Aamir has been doing all kinds of promotions for Secret superstar and it is great that he able to praise Shahrukh in the moment, and it is clear that Shahrukh also reciprocates the feeling as evidenced by both of them posing for a selfie a year ago.

Secret Superstar is going to be released on October 19.

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