School Diary movie review: A messy, but entertaining movie

School Diary movie review: A messy, but entertaining movie
Written by Abhishek Rana

School Diary, directed by M Hajamoin, and starring Bhama Arun, Mamitha Bhaiju, Vismaya Vishwanath and Ashkar Soudan is a stew of story lines and characters that don’t neatly fit together. As the movie is a drama, a comedy and a thriller, it is difficult for the the audiences to relate to one character in the mess of the storylines that make the story. But, there are many bright spots in the movie, and a little bit of relatable moments that make the whole ride a lot easier than it would have been if the actors were weak and the characterization was vague.

The movie is long, and there are times when a repetitiveness sets in which makes the characters go rote and the actors can’t do much other than rely on their charms for the moment. But the good thing is that. when the tones change, from light comedy to thriller territory, they make the drama as grounded to reality as is possibly, thus saving the entire affair from slipping into farce.

M Hajamoin is very adept with the camera, and the movie looks good. The story needed time to breathe as there are some spots where people might forget what is going on and who is related to which person. But, he directs with a light touch, and adds style to the narrative, which is good, since the movie could easily have been a trite melodrama. He, and his actors make something fresh out of something stale.

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