Say no to Valentine’s Day: The real story behind promotional offers

Say no to Valentine’s Day: The real story behind promotional offers

Valentine’s day is celebrated in the remembrance of Saint Valentinus who was executed on 14 February 270 A.D. in Church of Praxedes in Rome. Once upon a time there was a regressive Roman King by the name of Claudius II, who ordered all the people of Rome to worship twelve gods and dare they even think about Christianity. Though a man named Valentinus was all praise for Christianity which is why he was sent in jail to be executed on a particular day.

Valentinus was in the jail basically waiting to die when jailer realized that he is a learned man. Jail brought his blind daughter for him to get taught by as she was mostly living a hopeless life. Valentinus welcomed this decision of jailer and decided to teach the girl. Julia was quite young while he was a middle aged man and so their teaching started. Valentinus taught her history of Rome and he later progressed to religion. Valentinus taught her about his belief in god and how he works in mysterious ways. He gave her the knowledge of medicine and arithmetic, basically everything under the sun. On 14 February, 270 AD he was executed by the Roman emperor.

Towards his ending days he urged Julia to stay in touch with god and upon his death she planted an almond tree next to his grave which is now all the memory left of him. Story of Saint Valentine is the one of teaching a young girl the view and pleasures of life because she could not see anything for herself but now this day is marketed by the greeting card companies and shopping malls to sell their products. To remember Valentine’s is to respect your teacher and understand the power of knowledge which can breathe wisdom of life in anyone. It is not suppose to propose people and ask them go on over rated romantic dates.

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