Sathya movie review : Blend of thrill and suspense with surreal horror

Sathya movie review : Blend of thrill and suspense with surreal horror
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Sathya is a Tamil suspense thriller staring Sibi Sathyaraj. Sathya is a blend of suspense and mystery in a quest to find out something which may or may not exist. Tamil cinema has shown immense growth in last 5 years in terms of genre. Film makers are exploring all kinds of narratives, it is still far behind international cinema but the rate of catching up is pretty quick. Sathya is a neo-noir thriller which has a little disability of unnatural action sequences prescribed by Tamil cinema. Sibi Sathyaraj’s film manages to get the most out of its narrative and will disappoint only a fewer section of the society.

Sibi plays a journalist of an esteemed newspaper who has been given the news of a suicide through a phone call but as he investigates police tells him that no such person exist. Now, the quest to find that if that girl actually existed or was Sibi a frontage to execute a plan of sorts. Struggle of Sibi’s character is gripping as he conflicts between his journalistic morals and ethics to figure out a story. Sibi takes it really personally to find the identity of someone who might not be there at all.

Plot of the film very seemingly merges with the characteristics of all the character and makes every suspense a smooth transition. Second person technique has been used in the screenplay as all the clues get to the audience through Sibi, not beforehand or after him because of this audience stays glued to Sibi’s struggles. Pradeep krishnamoorthy’s direction is more or less perfect as there is not a frame wasted in the running time. Cinematography and editing go hand in hand as far as cuts and color palette of the film are considered. If certain liberties were not taking than Sathya could have been a ground breaking film but it is still a very good watch.

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