Sathuranga Vettai 2: A Crime Action Thriller

Sathuranga Vettai 2: A Crime Action Thriller
Written by Karu Cheema

Sathuranga Vettai 2 is a sequel of ‘Sathuranga Vettai’ of the biggest hits at the box office in 2014. In second part the story will focus on high profiled crimes that taken place using advance technology. In the first part the movie was about scams committed in rural areas and will be starring . The film is directred by N.V Nirmal Kumar and story is written by H. Vinoth. The film subsequently began production of the movie in mid-October 2016. The sequel will feature Arvind Swamy and Trisha in the lead roles, with Vamsi Krishna and Amit Bhargav in supporting roles. Both actors in the film finished their shooting portions separately due to unavailability. Arvind Swamy completed his shooting in March while Trisha Krishnan finished her shoot by June 2017 and the crew could finally wrap their final shoot once Trisha portion was finished.

Shooting of the film is majorly done in Malaysia and captured the famous beauty of destination. The motion poster of the movie was released on 30th June. Arvind Swamy and Trisha Krishnan will play characters with negative shades in the film.

Film will release in November 2017, but no release date has been revealed yet. The official trailer of the movie is yet release.Trisha Krishnan has recently received award by Prakash Raaj for best actor negative role for character Rudra in Kodi. The team of the film is very excited for release of this sequel. The movie of the film is expected to stole the show like its first part. The audience has to hold their excitement a little longer for movie trailer.

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