Sardar Mohammad movie review: Real story of a man searching his identity

Sardar Mohammad movie review: Real story of a man searching his identity
Written by Shilpi Gupta

Sardar Mohammad is Punjabi movie related to India – Pakistan partition released today or hits on big screens. It is based on true story of Sardar Mohammad Khan, starrer by as a lead role Tarsem Jassar and followed by Karamjit Anmol, Sardar Sohi, Rana Jung Bahadur, and Mandy Takhar. The movie is directed by Harry Bhatti and produced by Manpreet Johal. The story of the movie is related to the life of Sardar Mohammad who came in India after the partition of India Pakistan. The movie tells about the actual meaning of religion.

Tarsem Jassar as Sardar Mohammad doesn’t have any relative or family member. Sardar Mohammad as an infant shaved by an Indian Sikh police officer during the partition of India. A Police officer brings up the child as his own son and shares his close relationship with his parents. The boy enjoys a peaceful life until a day he knows the truth or his real life and family. The discoveries of his life disturbed him and make him curious to find about his real parents. He went to Pakistan in search of his real family and his actual identity.

Watch out the real story of Sardar Mohammad Khan and know more about untold stories about India Pakistan partition

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