Sarabhai vs Sarabhai 2 : First episode out now on Hotstar.com

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai 2 : First episode out now on Hotstar.com

Yes, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai 2 is back and it’s everything we were hoping for. The hilarious web series has finally come out with its first episode on Star’s streaming platform – Hotstar.

The first season outlined the story of the Sarabhais, a dysfunctional upper- class family in Mumbai with a middle- class daughter-in-law, Monisha Sarabhai. The extremely funny and quirky show had an instant connect with the millennial generation, who was sick of the run-of-the-mill and over the top, dramatic indian soap operas. This show, the first season of which aired between 2004 to 2006, was a breath of fresh air and its new season is among the most eagerly awaited series, in a long, long time.

The first episode of the new season premiered today on Hotstar and here is a sneak peak into it:

  • The first episode re-establish all the iconic characters from the first season, before the story of the next season is taken forward. Smart decision, considering the show is returning after a good ten years, so of course there will be members in the audience watching the show for the first time and acquainting them with the unique quirks of all the characters is a good move.
  • The plot revolves around Rosesh’s love story (the last season ended on this note) and how Monisha takes an oath to visit Matkaadar baba’s samaadhi with the entire family if Rosesh’s love life is steady and stable.
  • So, the story unfolds with the entire family’s adventurous trip and the madness that follows.
  • New cast members alert: Monisha and Sahil’s son – Arnab , Rosesh’s love interest Jasmine Mavani as the typical gujju girl ( played by Vaibhavi Upadhyay) and Aishwarya Sakhuja who is now playing Maya and Indravadhan’s daughter Sonya, who was not really focused upon in the first season, but her husband Dushyant ( Deven Bhojani) was a regular feature the last time around.

The new characters are seamlessly woven into the narrative and do not seem forced or out of place in any which way. Where as, the old characters with their usual banter, don’t make you feel like they’ve been away all these years, which is a commendable thing, we must say.

All in all, the new episode does not disappoint and hits you with all the warm nostalgia making you look forward to the coming episodes.

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