Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai 2 episode 7 on 26 June 2017

Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai 2 episode 7 on 26 June 2017

Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai 2 episode 7 on 26 June 2017 starts of with Sahil calling up Maya to ask why at the age of 45 Indu left his job. Maya tells him that Indu did a sale of 10L in one day. Indu, Mounisha and Rochesh are celebrating that Indu did a good sale and he wins the bet from Sahil. Maya enters the tells everyone the real story that Sahil had got that person to buy stuff from Indu antic sale. Maya shares he got to know about this when that women who came there for buying stuff gave him Sahil’s card to swap. She figured out then that Sahil had send in that women to buy stuff from there. After knowing that Rochesh and Mounisha run to see Sahil. Maya insists Indu to go and meet Sahil.

Indu confronts Sahil and accepts that he lost to him as he could not sell anything by himself. Indu also agreed that he is useless and left his job at 45. Sahil replies to that saying Maya has told him that Indu left his job to take care of his kids as Maya was busy with her social service and to support her he left his job.

Maya enters Mounisha house with her luggage and tells her that I am leaving the house. Sahil shares all this started when Maya shared that everyone should be open about there feelings.She shared they all will celebrate honesty day and write on paper what they feel about each other. Maya starts planning for the day by writing poems about Mounisha and Jasmine. Indu tries to copy Rochesh writing but he’s caught red handed by Rochesh. Jasmine admires Rochesh’s skills of writing the rules so creatively hearing that they both hug each other. Maya invites Jasmine to the honesty day celebration.


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