Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai 2 episode 5 on 12 June 2017

Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai 2 episode 5 on 12 June 2017

Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai 2 episode 5 starts with Arnab telling Sahil that Indu is not Stingy. Indu got Arnav chocolate brownie which Maya gets to know and she scolds him for eating sweet. To which Indu fakes by saying he was just pleasing Arnab. Then suddenly Madhu bhai comes and tells Indu that they ordered 3 brownie and cake but they have jotted down the wrong bill. Maya hears that and tells Indu that he will eat salad once a day for the whole week. Sahil says no candy, chocolate or brownie for Arnab and asks Maya to throw them outside.Maya says she will repack the eaten chocolate and sell it. Arnab says he is leaving home and when Mounisha scolds him he runs away. Sahil gets irked with Indu for spoiling Arnab. Sahil says his father Indu is not a good example for his kid Arnav as he took early retired to enjoy his inherited money. He also mentioned that Indu is stringent and is extremely lazy.Hearing this Indu gets hurt and walks away from there.

Sonia and Dushyant walks into Mounisha house worried.Sonia mentions that Sahil is going to get into trouble.Maya walks in Mounisha’s house to tell her that Indu has locked himself in side the bathroom and crying continuously. Rochesh recites a poem to Indu standing outside the bathroom door hearing that he starts shouting for help.When Indu hears Sonia’s voice he starts walking towards the bathroom door but as soon as he hears Dushyant he sits back inside. Maya scares Indu by saying there is a flying cockroach inside the bathroom and he comes running outside.

Sonia tells Mounisha that Sahil is having a high temperament she should take care that Sahil doesn’t put hot water on his head to which she replies there geyser is not working from past 8 months. Mounisha says Indu to prove to Sahil that he can make a good role model. Indu starts a business of selling antics and show pieces. Mounisha and Sahil have an argument over Sahil and Indu’s rift. Indu and Maya sets up the antic exhibition at there place and awaits for the guests. Mounisha enters the house with arti ki thali and apply tikka to Indu.

Arnab draws a painting of Indu,Sahil and himself. Seeing that Sahil remembers all his past experiences with his father. Sahil keeps looking at his phone thinking his father might call him for the exhibition soon. Arnab insists Sahil to go and check what is happening at Indu’s art exhibition. Do watch the precap of the next episode it will surely make you fall down laughing your heart out.

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