Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai 2 episode 4 aired on 5th June 2017

Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai 2 episode 4 aired on 5th June 2017

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai 2 episode 4 starts with Sahil hurriedly running to get his son from school. He asked his son if he got scared. His son replied saying this teacher doesn’t look scary but the principle is extremely scary. Monisha came running and shouting his son’s name. Then greeted the teacher and complimented her on her dress. She also asked the teacher to pull up her Palazzo and show off her sandals even offer to help. Sahil pulls her away from the teacher and scolds her. He questions her why her phone  was busy to which Monisha replied that she got call from a wrong number on which invested her 30 minutes and later she talked to Sahil’s Dad who told her that there is lot of stress at home. Arnab predicted that would be due to jasmine. Monisha got excited hearing his answer and suggested his son to open an astrology shop at home with a parrot and take Rs 200 for each hand. The teacher calls back Sahil and states she has a serious problem that Arnab brings mobile phone to school and it’s not allowed.

Maya introspects Rosesh  if Jasmine is pregnant and shouts at him how he could do it. Rosesh said it was easy mom and starts to explain but then Indravadan intervenes  and asks Maya to ask questions like “Yeh Ghazab kaise ho gaya” or “Tumhe humare ghar ke maan maryada ka koi khayal nai aaya” to which Maya replies that shes doesn’t want to sound like a daily soap lead actor. Indravadan ask jasmine if she is sure about her pregnancy to which she replies she got it triple checked and has also started having morning sickness. She even used the word “Paishaab” to which Maya got irked and asked her to call it urine. Jasmine mentioned William bhai Shakespeare has said what is in the name. Indravadan got confused why he called her bhai to which she said he is 400 years elder to her respect has to be given. Indravadan inquires jasmine says she needs to get sonography done to answer that. Maya get agitated with the way jasmine speaks and criticize her. Indravadan video calls  Monisha to show what is happening at home. Maya ask Indravadan to call Jasmines parents to fix the marriage. Then suddenly Rosesh says jasmine won the bet and they both reveal to Maya that jasmine is not pregnant. Before Jasmine leaves she says that she will marry Rosesh only when he has settled.

Sahil gets angry with Indravadan for giving phone to his son which he takes to school. Maya inquires the reason for giving Arnab phone to which Monisha answers she gave him the phone so that he can call her and mention how good the food was. Maya starts criticizing Monisha on how bad her food is and how the poor kid eats the food. To which Arnab replies saying that he didn’t eat what she gave rather he bought food from the canteen and had food. Indravadan reveals he gave money to Arnab to buy food. Sahil gets angry that Indravadan is spoiling his kid and takes Arnab back home pulling his hand. Monisha said I am leaving home Sahil doesn’t even notice her and takes Arnab to school hurriedly. Indravadan calls Monisha saying he will take Arnab out after school to watch movie. Maya asks Indravadan to not spoil Arnab and tells that Sahil is already angry with him for doing that. Sahil calls Monisha asking where Arnab was she tries avoiding the calls but then ending up telling the truth to Sahil. Sahil comes back home and gets angry with Monisha for sending Arnab for movie on a weekday.  Rosesh drops Arnab back home and tell Sahil that Maya slapped him for using Jasmines Name. Sahil inquires reason for watching film from Arnab to which he answers Indravadan bought tickets for him with so much love he could not say no.

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