Saptagiri LLB teaser launch: Saptagiri seeks justice in the movie

Saptagiri LLB teaser launch: Saptagiri seeks justice in the movie

The teaser for the movie Saptagiri LLB has been released. The teaser is 45 seconds long and gives the feel and look of the movie. Saptagiri LLB seems to be based on the Hindi Bollywood movie, Jolly LLB, and follows a Lawyer who seeks justice for people though his own eccentric manner. Saptagiri stars along with Kashish Vora, and the movie is directed  by Charan Lakkakula. The movie seems to be a masala blockbuster, with a lot of dance numbers and comedy. A long, extended trailer will also be eventually released, but for now, the teaser has made the fans of Saptagiri, very excited.

Saptagiri, who has been a very famous comedian till now, seems to be utilizing his talents very well. The teaser shows that the movie is going to be leaning very heavily on comedy, with action pieces added to make it even more engaging and pleasant. The movie is also very different from the Hindi version, which starred Arshad Warsi, and then Akshay Kumar in its sequel.

The teaser has gone very well on Social media and the fans are eagerly anticipating the full trailer and a release date. Hopefully, seeing the great reaction from the audiences’ there will be an announcement soon.

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