Sanju teaser: Film industry goes gaga over Ranbir Kapoor starrer

Sanju teaser: Film industry goes gaga over Ranbir Kapoor starrer

Critics, trade analyst and content creators in Hindi film industry have gone gaga over the teaser of ‘Sanju’ starring Ranbir Kapoor as Sanjay Dutt. Teaser showed many phases of Dutt’s life from 20’s to 50’s. Teaser starts with him coming out of the jail and than shifts towards his rockstar phase of early 20’s. He use to abuse drugs so early in the age and later became a movie star with his first film ‘Rocky’. In a way Sanjay Dutt is a product of nepotism being the son of celebrated actor Sunil Dutt. Ranbir himself is a flag bearer of nepotism with his massive lineage hence it would not be as difficult for him to understand the acting part.

Ranbir will be seen in 6 different looks from the film, last of which being Sanjay in jail. Sanjay has had one of the most interesting life as an actor or a human being having seen extreme up’s and tremendous downfalls. He has been to jail for 5 years only to come out and turn his life around by being a movie star yet again and getting a biopic on. Not that Dutt is very old but he sure has seen life through many different prisms which would provide the drama in story.

In one of his interviews Sanjay mentioned that he fell off the dining table after abusing a chemical drug and his father did not even knew what to do with him because he could not understand the cause of his son’s condition. Ranbir Kapoor has called Dutt’s life ‘a science fiction’ movie more than a biopic because it could hardly believe the things Sanjay went through in his life. With in the teaser Sanju mentioned that he has traveled in private planes and also begged on the road for one single bus ticket.

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