Sanal Sasidharan’s ‘ S Durga’ will finally release on this date

Sanal Sasidharan’s ‘ S Durga’ will finally release on this date
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Malayalam film ‘S Durga’ has faced controversies in last one year about the bold nature of the film and the name of Hindu goddess in the title. Controversy was ignited when the film was dropped from the Indian Panorama section of the International Film Festival of India because committee thought that the film could invite some bold claims from people of this country under the shadow of de-meaning a goddess. Religion as a cause is very prevalent in India and people have often hidden their faces from getting between them and their gods.

Sanal, director of the film clearly did not give up and the film cleared the censors in February to finally release on 6 April. Makers have sent their film to many festivals around the world like 53rd Pesaro film festival, International film festival Rotterdam 2017, International film festival of Valencia and Jio Mami film festival Mumbai. Film gathered a lot of praise from all these places about the phenomenal content of the film and how it is displayed in a narrative which makes a lot of sense in it’s fast tonality.

This Indie film caused a lot of stir amongst film community in India where people seemed to be divided with their opinion about this because no person wants to come in the religion controversy because they don’t end well. Right to freedom of expression has been challenged many times in this country as far as cinema is concerned considering the fact that this is a film crazy country which worships film stars as demi-gods. In the run of things, a film like Padmaavat eventually found the release despite of going through national debates for two months and later coming tot he dark of cinema halls only to be loved by the people immensely. S Durga will come in cinemas on 6 April nationwide.

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