Salman’s Tubelight trailer is out : It is a Feast to the eyes

Salman’s Tubelight trailer is out : It is a Feast to the eyes
Written by Karu Cheema

Tubelight salman khan starrer movies trailer launch today. The film is scheduled for release on 23 June 2017 on EID.  Tubelight is the story of a man who loves his family and has a firm belief in himself. Salman will play the role of an army man and the movie is based on India-China war. Tubelight is supposed to be an adaptation of Hollywood movie Little Boy , where Pepper an eight-year-old boy is eager to do whatever it takes to end World War II so that he can bring his father back home. Salman Khan and Kabir Khan will be working together for the third time after  Ek Tha Tiger and Bhajrangi Bhaijaan.

Tubelight trailer event took place in Mumbai where Salman khan, Sohail Khan, director Kabir Khan, composer Pritam and the producer Amar Butala were present. Salman conducted a special screening for all his special fans in Mumbai. The screening hall was packed with people and Salman’s  fans were all set to get a look at the teaser before the entire world. All chanting “Jal Ja Jal Ja” eagerly waiting for the screening to start.

The team takes a center stage and talks to media about the movie.

The trailer showcases the eternal love of two brothers based around the Indian border. Salman Khan starring as Laxman Singh Bisht and Sohail Khan as Bharat, Salmans brother. Sohail is an Army officer who leaves for war at the Indian border. Salman in his quest to get his brother back from war zone tries to end the war. The movie is based on belief of a Laxman to bring his brother back.There are mind boggling war action scenes which will not let you take your eyes of the screen. So sit back and enjoy the trailer.


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