Salman Khan tops Forbes India Celebrity list of 2017

Salman Khan tops Forbes India Celebrity list of 2017

Salman Khan has topped the Forbes India Celebrity list, claiming himself as the highest paid celebrity in the country. Shah Rukh came in second while Virat Kohli was the third highest paid celebrity of the year. The top ten was dominated by men, except Priyanka Chopra, which is a little disappointing, even as female actress’ and celebrities dominated the cultural landscape this year. Salman Khan, topping the list again, made a startling 232.83 crores, while Shahrukh earned 170.50. Priyanka managed to earn 68 crores, at the age of 35, while Virat Kohli who, at 29 years old, is the youngest person in the top ten, made 100. 72 crores.

The list was complied after calculating the earning of the stars within a period of October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017, and the methodology by which the list is made, so it isn’t exclusively about who is more famous on the list, but specifically who earned more money in the time of one year.

Salman’s performance on the list isn’t very shocking, but it is still notable after the lukewarm reaction to his period movie, Tubelight. But, along with hosting Bigg Boss season 11, he has been engaged in other endorsements, through which he makes money and is again able to achieve the highest spot.

The top three has been constant from what was published last year, but there has been a decline in the total earnings of the celebrities. Perhaps the best performance for anyone, was PV Sindhu, the badminton player who has been making waves around the world, earned, 57.25 crore. She gained almost 17 times more than before, thus giving her a place on the list.

The CEO of Forbes India commented on the list and said that they had changed the method of calculating the earning, and based them on what the celebrities earned in a year, than on how famous they were, internationally or nationally. The Forbes list is considered the definitive ranking for the earnings of the celebrities.

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