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 Salman Khan Superstar has signed a deal with Amazon Prime Video

 Salman Khan Superstar has signed a deal with Amazon Prime Video
Written by Karu Cheema

Superstar Salman Khan has signed a deal with Amazon Prime Video under which his future films will firstly launch the premiere on the internet video-on-demand service after their release in theatres and two months before television broadcast. Today Amazon Prime Video made the announcement about Salman Khan Ventures deal with worldwide exclusive content deal. The first film to be launched is “Tubelight” released in June 2017. All his future films exclusively be on Amazon Prime Video first, straight after its release and two months before satellite/television broadcast or any other form of digital distribution platform. Super hit film like “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”, “Kick”, “Jai Ho” and “Hero” will also be available on Amazon prime soon.

Salman said: This will connect him to the audience and his fans will enjoy his movies on a new platform and the platform will also help new fans discover our cinema. The Director and Country Head, Amazon Video India, Nitesh Kripalani also gave his statement that Amazon is delighted to make this epic ground breaking deal with Salman. It is going to be another big welcome to change of how Indian customers consume entertainment with Salman’s movies coming first to Prime Video customers, before their television broadcast. Head of content of prime video, James Farrell said targeting India Cinema is a  is a top priority market for Amazon. He also said India needs to be on a worldwide stage for global audiences to see talent of Indian cinema. Salman Khan also shared his first prime time video announcing his films now available at Amazon Prime Video.

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