Salman Khan starrer ‘Sultan’ to release in China

Salman Khan starrer ‘Sultan’ to release in China

Salman Khan is perhaps enjoying the best phase of his career as a movie star, where his films are doing exceptionally well not only in India but outside of the country as well. His Bajrangi Bhaijaan released in China a few weeks ago and did remarkable business of nearly 300 crores considering the fact that film came out 2 years ago in it’s actual release. Film was already available on many streaming platforms and still got it’s respectable due at the box office of a country where no Salman Khan film has released before ever.

Now, his 2016 wrestling blockbuster Sultan will find a release in China in a few months to shatter more box office than ever before. Dangal, which is textural similar earned a massive 1300 crores in China now Sultan won’t do that but might gather the next best number. Dangal was an extraordinary film and Sultan was very good as well hence Chinese might fall for Salman’s Robert De Niro performance of showing a paunch. They must be fans of Salman after Bajrangi and Sultan will be benefited in a big way from that by giving massive bag of cash to YRF.

Indian films have earned way more in China than they ever would have in India as far as individual release is concerned. Secret Superstar earned 70 crores in India but around 900 crores in China. Hindi Medium did 90 odd crores domestically but banked 200 in China in first two weeks. China has world’s second best exhibition system for cinema after America and an audience which is hungry for content more than any other country in the world. China does not have a film industry of it’s own which is as firm hence the distributors and audience there rely on content from different parts of the world, India is now one the content providers to them.

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