Salman Khan starrer ‘Race 3’ sold whooping amount of satellite rights

Salman Khan starrer ‘Race 3’ sold whooping amount of satellite rights
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Salman Khan has a massive demand on television due to the success of Bigg Boss and Dus Ka Dum. Satellite rights of Race 3 has been sold for whooping 130 crores due to phenomenal on demand of Salman and the franchise of Race. This is certainly one of the biggest rights sold in the situation and makers must already been sitting on the profitable chair. Music rights were also heavy sold in the market and the songs are clearly chartbusters. Opening weekend collection of the film is bound to be more than 30+ crores considering Tiger was an unbelievable success.

Film is expected to gross more than 400 crores worldwide if it is appreciated by the audience though this one looks like one of the films which get immense money but not credibility. Dialogues in the trailer were worse than the lamest possible joke though visuals were fantastic but action seemed rather childish. It must be a bit difficult to fire that bazooka that Salman did in the trailer by holding it merely with the hands. Makers are not able to bring any sort of classiness into this venture like Hollywood thrillers and that’s what may stop certain people from going in.

In 2018, they have set piece music videos with in the films in songs like ‘Selfish’, which are shot in most cliches of locations such as desert and mountains. Actors are standing their in the stance and humming the song while badly pretending to be in love and they can’t be blamed when director lacks the vision. Remo is a choreographer himself and he should be having a better way to picturise songs but unfortunately none of them gets displayed in his non-dance films. Mania is perhaps the only thing driving the hype of this film but only a good film will stand the test of time.

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