Salman Khan starrer ‘Race 3’ shows Jacqueline Fernandez in a sexy avatar

Salman Khan starrer ‘Race 3’ shows Jacqueline Fernandez in a sexy avatar

Makers of Salman Khan starrer ‘Race 3’ have released a new poster which is rater sexy in nature. Poster has Jacqueline Fernandez and Salman in a classic James Bond kind of a pose where you know that the danger is imminent. Jacqueline is certainly considered as one of the most beautiful actress to have ever graced Indian screen and she is leaving a part of that in the poster. Salman is standing in his usual tough guy position like he is walking around with can’t loose cards. Salman might be bit of a grey guy in the film and not the usual perfect interpretation of an individual.

Trailer of the film is going to come out really soon and this poster would have people waiting with double the excitement. Showing posters of movies like this which is not saying anything about the movie is a trend on social media to avoid getting out of mind. They say that out of sight is out of mind and people like to follow that ritual by updating rather vague information either about themselves or about the project they are a part of.

Cinema has been in the works for over 100 years and there is so much to it. The art of promoting a movie is also in hiding the actual content to keep beware from spoiling the surprise hence there is only so much information makers can put out about the film. First character looks, trailer and songs are the only vital sources which help in making up people’s mind about watching or not watching a movie. Rest of the vague posters or dialogue spots are just there to serve as the reminder that something like this is coming your way. This maybe the final reminder from the makers before the actual trailer comes out and people get to know something about the content of this film.

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