Salman Khan shows his ‘Shy’ avatar while hugging Sana Khan

Salman Khan shows his ‘Shy’ avatar while hugging Sana Khan

Salman Khan, the actor who is believed to be the most decent guy in the industry was caught up hugging Sana Khan in an award show with folded fist and people made issue out of it. Salman Khan who is very much shy in opening up with his co-stars on screen seems to be the same in his real life too. The actor hugged Bigg Boss ex contestant in a very decent way at the event of Big Zee Entertainment Awards that took place on July 29th and was attended by many celebrities of the Bollywood industry. The actor not only attended the event wholeheartedly, but he performed at the event too.

The Bigg Boss ex contestant Sana Khan spotted Salman on the red carpet and the two moved closer to hug each other but the thing which grabbed the attention of the people was Salman’s shyness while hugging her as he had a cute smile on his face and fists closed. It has been assumed that he closed his fists while hugging her as she was wearing a backless dress and he was just shy.

Salman Khan is an actor who is known to an introvert person with the actresses of our Bollywood industry and he is also known as a lover boy but you would be surprised to know that he never revealed his love for the people he does. Well there is no such specific reason why he is being so shy and was giving an awkward smile while facing Sana Khan.

If we put some light on his work front, then the actor has currently completed the shooting of Tiger Zinda Hai along with his co-star Katrina Kaif which is scheduled to release for Christmas.

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