Salman Khan launches ‘Dus ka Dum 3’ teaser in Shahrukh’s style!

Salman Khan launches ‘Dus ka Dum 3’ teaser in Shahrukh’s style!

Salman Khan is all geared up for the new season of his superhit television show ‘Dus Ka Dum’ where the contestants come and answer question which are fun and opinion based and instead of their answer being perfect, it has to lie between a percentage of truth which would reward them with a huge sum of money. In other knowledge based shows like Kaun Banega Crorepati, contestants have to answer general knowledge questions but Salman keeps his show on the fun side of the life and would ask questions that would be about the percentage of snoring males in the country.

It is in a way a good opportunity for a few people because you don’t have to know anything about anything and still one can crores of rupees plus money does not care where it’s coming from as long as it is legal. People who have no shot in earning any money in life because of their lack of intelligence can just show up and be lucky to win money worth f 3 lifetimes earnings. Salman is very much accepted as a host on television because of the super success of his Bigg Boss over many seasons.

Salman is an entertainer and perhaps more so than a character actor as he mostly reflects his personality on screen which has made him one of the biggest stars in the world and the same quirky yet adorable charm of his has found it’s way through even larger household audience on television which is why he is doing a television show despite of being able to do as many films as he wants to. Since television has a much larger audience than films, it helps in being a more relate-able face to people which in turn provides ever increasing number of audience that pays for cinema tickets of his films.

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