Salman Khan appreciated by Kabir Khan on his performance in Tubelight

Salman Khan appreciated by Kabir Khan on his performance in Tubelight
Written by Priyanka sarangi

Tubelight movie starring Salman Khan, the superstar in the lead role. When we hear the word Tubelight, we get a picture of a flickering slow element and in terms of person, we consider a person to be called a Tubelight who is slow and takes time to understand anything.

The movie is set to release on 23rd June, but before that the makers of the movie have uploaded a video where they explain why they have titled the movie as Tubelight. In the video, we see Salman Khan and the director Kabir Khan explaining the meaning of Tubelight in true sense. Salman says, ”Tubelight the name because, Tubelight flickers many a times but when it light up, it brings life and light everywhere.

Kabir Khan says,”Tubelight is a common term for the people who are little slow” and then a collage of Salman Khan appears stating ‘Meet Our Tubelight’. Salman Khan plays the role of a very innocent person who doesn’t even understand that he is being bullied or making fun of. He claps on his own mistakes and laughs innocently.

The director Kabir Khan tells us about the story of the movie that the movie is all about a man’s believe. That central idea about how a man’s belief an move mountains. Salman Khan confesses that he wants to do films which are not boring, the screenplay is excellent, the film has meaning.

Kabir Khan also said in the video that he have a story which is completely from the hearts and superstar like Salman Khan who is potraying the central character really makes a big difference to the film. Its a very challenging role for Salman as an actor and he is pushing boundaries in this film as an actor and a lot of people have appreciated him as actor for his film Bajrangi Bhaijaan but according to me as as actor, he has gone five steps ahead for this movie. This is truly a challenging role as an actor and the film truly rests on his shoulders.

Salman Khan also told us through the video that in this movie he did not require any glycerin to cry, it was all natural. ”As a person as an actor to the extend I have cried in this movie, both in sorrow and in happiness, its my guarantee that you people will cry more than it and also cry in happiness more than I did”.

The movie trailer has already made me cry don’t know what the movie will do on 23rd June as it is hitting the silver screens on the day.

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