Salman Khan applies for foreign trip visa allowance from the court

Salman Khan applies for foreign trip visa allowance from the court
Written by Shubham Dwivedi

Superstar Salman Khan is now getting in the procedure of applying for foreign trip visa as he many film shoots that can not be done in India alone. After coming back from jail, Salman has resumed his work schedule as he started shooting for his upcoming film ‘Bharat’ with Ali Abbas Zafar. Salman is out on bail from a case of killing black buck because of which he was in jail for two days in Jodhpur. Case is still going on and Salman is a convict so far till court accepts his innocence in the matter, if at all.

Due to the case, he is not allowed to leave the country till it has ended. Salman does humongous films that get shot in all kinds of places in the world. Bharat is a massive film and might have a shooting schedule out of this country but his ‘Kick 2’ will definitely be shot in abroad. He literally won’t be able to complete most of his films if going abroad does not work out for him. According to the procedure, he would tell the court exact reason for his visit and the importance of it while also letting them know about the duration of it.

He won’t be traveling out of the country anytime he wishes to but the court permissions are necessary to be granted. His legal team is taking care of the remedies that needs to be submitted to law in order to get the allowance. Makers of his films would now clearly be thinking to shoot as much in India and avoid abroad to the extent they can but that will also affect the grandeur of his films. A court case like this is here to stay for a long time and might go on for next decade as it already is for two now.

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