Sajjan Singh Rangroot movie review: Diljit Dosanjh delivers a powerful epic

Sajjan Singh Rangroot movie review: Diljit Dosanjh delivers a powerful epic

Sajjan Singh Rangroot is a war epic based upon the events of first world war when a Sikh troop under the British army had to fight for them despite of many oppression as India was colonized by the Queen. During the events of world war I and II, India was only indirectly involved in it considering the country was being ruled by the British and Indian soldiers were fighting their wars considering India had nothing to do with it. There were more Indian soldiers in British army than the British and were being sent on the war front accordingly.

A Sikh troop during the first world war revolted to the British as they were not sending British soldiers to the war front but Indians only to fight an impossible war in which the fate of death was sealed considering soldiers were not even given enough weapons. It was a very tough task to stand against British and open their demands to make an important point because British were not the most polite while ruling India and they would massacre Indians in the blink of an eye if they feel like it.

This is by far the most epic Punjabi film ever made and shots are beyond beautiful especially of war. Film doe snot have 1/10th budget of a massive war epic but director was able to create an atmosphere which would suck the audience right in the world which existed a 100 years from now. The relevancy of story is undoubtedly more so than ever because the world is not at peace currently in all it’s direction though the oppressor and oppressed have changed. Diljit has delivered the performance of a lifetime in this one which makes most of his earlier film dwarfs as he is just astound in it with the rest of the cast. Overall this should be watched in maximum capacity.


Sajjan Singh Rangroot movie review

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