Saif Ali Khan’s Chef falls flat at Indian Box Office

Saif Ali Khan’s Chef falls flat at Indian Box Office

Even strong reviews and early buzz couldn’t save Saif Ali Khan’s dramedy, which only earned a pitiful 1.05 crore which was astonishingly low for a movie starring a superstar like Saif and the numbers aren’t likely to improve, as Judwaa seems to be a competition and sucks all the air from the Box Office until something else arrives. This must be a disheartening news for Saif, whose previous movie, Rangoon also didn’t do well commercially even as it was praised by many critics.

Chef was a remake of the american movie of the same name and was relatively tame about action set pieces and romance, but instead focused on the relationship of a father with his son. The movie was relatively under radar even when the promotion was going full swing and didn’t capture the interest of most of the audience members.

And then Judwaa became a surprise blockbuster hit that shook the multiplexes and was (and is being) heavily recommended by people top their friends and families, so that also contributed to the people ignoring it and going to see Judwaa instead.

It should be a very alarming news for Saif, who hasn’t had a hit movie recently, and Chef, being budgeted at 15 crore might not be able to take back it’s relative costs and make a decent profit.

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