Sachin: A Billion Dreams now tax free in Kerala and Chhattisgarh

Sachin: A Billion Dreams now tax free in Kerala and Chhattisgarh
Written by Karu Cheema

Shashi Bhushan Behera the state Finance minister announced no entertainment tax for the movie A Billion Dreams for audience throughout the state as the cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar is a great source of inspiration for the youth. The film has been declared tax free in Kerala and Chhattisgarh. This decision is expected to be taken by more state,in compliance with government policies.

A Billion Dreams is biographical movie written and directed by James Erskine and produced by Ravi Bhagchandka. This film is collaboration of Carnival Motion Pictures under the banner 200 NotOut Productions and is going to release in five different languages, Hindi, English, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu. The movie is all set to hit the silver screens on May 26, 2017

At the press conference, Sachin spoke opened with his personal experiencing during the film making. He said “This movie is not just about my cricket. There are other chapters of my life as well. I never had dream of having something like this to happen in my life. All I ever wanted is to play cricket for my county and therefore I lived my dream proudly.

The story of the film revolves around his personal life and how cricket was always his first priority. The music of this film is composed by AR Rahman.

Thanks to the tax-exemption, as this decision will definitely bring more audience to watch the inspiring story of Sachin Tendulkar, and can learn from struggle phases of his life.

The trailer has it all, the is legend has brought every sight of his life in clip, from having cricket as always his first priority and being family person. It also shows the times when match fixing was confirmed, to fans taking out their anger on the cricketer. There is also a glimpse of former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni talking about Sachin Tendulkar.

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