Sachin: A Billion dreams awarded two laurels at Tehran International Sports film festival

Sachin: A Billion dreams awarded two laurels at Tehran International Sports film festival
Written by Abhishek Rana

The documentary based on the life and career of the legendary sports man, Sachin Tendulkar, titled, Sachin: A Billion Dreams has recieved two awards at the Tehran International Sports film festival. Helmer James Erskine was award the honor for the Best Director of a Long Documentary and he also got an honorary diploma. In a statement about his win, the director Erskine said in a statement, “It is a great honour that my work on telling the story of India’s greatest cricketing legend has been appreciated on a global stage. Scripting his journey for the big screen involved interacting with Sachin, his family, his teammates as well as players from rival teams and others and I am happy that the emotions are reaching out to a global audience.”

The movie was released on 26 May 2017, and had a stupendous fan response, with people flocking outside the Theaters to watch the journey of the greatest sportsman from India. Because of this it was also able to achieve Rs 75 crore, which is exceptional for a documentary, since it is not a format that is watched by the audiences.

The critical response for the movie was modest but it was praised by the public, so much so that the governemnts of Chattisgarh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala and Odhisa made the tax free in their regions. This was another accomplishments of the movie. It tells almost the entire journey of the sportsman, the struggles that he had to go through his career, his successes and downfalls, which made a compelling and regulatory watching for his fans and the general audiences. The movie was made with the advice of the cricketer himself, and he also took part to promote the movie, even going to London for the promotional duties.

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