Saab Bahadar thriller movie: Will make you bite your nails

Saab Bahadar thriller movie: Will make you bite your nails

Saab Bahadar is a Punjabi movie starring Ammy Virk, Jaswinder Bhalla, Rana Ranbir and Preet Kamal. The movie is directed by Amrit Raj Chadha and is one of the first punjabi cinema mystery thriller. Amy Virk is playing the role of assistant sub-inspector Kuldeep Singh in the movie. In Punjabi police office are often addressed as ‘Saab Bahadar’, thus the film is titled Saab Bahadar.

It’s a story line set in early days of 90’s in a remote village in Punjab, revolving around a police officer, Kuldeep Singh, popularly referred to as “SAAB BAHADAR” by everyone in the village because of his good character,sensibility, reputation and in respect.

As Ammy Virk falls in love with a beautiful girl who is an inspiring dancer and is landlord of the house where the police station runs. Saab Bahadar falls in a dispute with the lady, who not at all wants the police station in her home. But take the twist as when village reports repeated crime of murder and suicide. Saab Bahadar resolves the mystery behind the crimes in the village. The movie Saab Bahadar will take you to the roller coaster ride of the mystery and suspense.

The music of the movie has also got thumps up along with the amazing movie review, The songs of the movie have been composed by Jatinder Shah and written by Veet Baljit. Ammy virk has also given his voice in the most of the songs in the movie, along with his superb acting.

The trailer had already created curiosity in the audience and gained good reviews from the viewers. If you haven’t watched the trailer yet, click on the play button and enjoy the mystery ride in trailer of Saab Bahadar.


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